Hi Friends!

This is Hiba here and I’m from the beautiful South Indian state of Kerala, presently residing in UAE. I’ve been interested in cooking ever since I can remember but my earlier cooking endeavors were mostly like from-the-cookery book-to-the-cooking pot and I never bothered to remember the recipe. After my marriage, I realized that I had little or no idea of how some of the basic or daily dishes were made. So I started collecting recipes from wherever I could and started trying them out and also experimenting in my own way. This gradually grew into a passion and obsession and I thought why not share my cooking experiences and ideas with others too. And I decided to create this blog.

I have a bunch of recipes in stock and I post them as soon as I make them and take photos. Let me also tell you that I am an indifferent photographer but I try to make the pictures look as good and presentable as I can. Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions here. Thank you so much for visiting and hope to see you back again.

So here I open ‘The window to my Kitchen’!


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